Hi-Fi Hosptal Abuja

Our Services

Our services are structured and strategized to provide maximum overall health care delivery at a reasonably affordable price to the masses and citizens of Nigeria and foreign dwellers in Nigeria as applicable.

Out Patient services in all specialties viz: General Medicine, Pediatrics, General surgery, Family Health Clinics, Paediatric/ Child Health Services, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Others are Ear, Nose, Throat ,Head & Neck / Facial Plastic Surgery and dental services.

General and Private out-patient/in-patient care
Ear, Nose and Throat/Head & Neck/ Facial plastic Surgery
Dental Clinic
Paediatric/ Child Health Services
Obstretics & Gynaecology /Well Woman Clinic
Family Health Clinics
Antenatal/Maternity Clinics Fertility Clinic
General Surgery/Specialist Surgery
Trauma Surgery
General Medical Practice/Specialist Medicine
Eye Clinic/Contact Lens Center
Dermatology / Venerology
Endoscopy & Allergy Clinic
Laboratory Services
Ultrasound Scan/Allied Services
Epidemiology & Public Health Service/ Disease Control
Group Health Consultancy
Industrial Health Services Screening and Health Programme Planning
School Health Services
Hotel Health Services
Domiciliary Consultancy
Catering Services

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Andrew Otunifade IMOGU.

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